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We talk a lot about our turn-key methods and how they benefit hiring companies, but our approach and methods also provide several advantages for the job candidate as well. First, we get to know you and your desired goals so that we can help formulate and fulfill a satisfying career track. Second, through our WebPAS-enabled online job bank, your search results can be updated daily providing the most current matches nationwide. Finally, because of our experience with countless companies in the region, we have unique insight and reach in terms of getting you the interview and position you seek.

What Our Candidates Say

"I used to use the big Internet sites or answer ads in The Wall Street Journal, but KeyTech was a great point of contact. Their years of experience and background, plus their sound knowledge of the firms in the area, made a difference in my search and the companies I could reach. They know the history, the people, internal workings of the companies, and they also got to know me, which provided me with a real edge. They bring companies and job seekers together very well and I would highly recommend them."

Michael Mabe
Corp. Procurement Manager

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